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Carton Flexo Printer Case In Oman

May. 27, 2019

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Oman

Pre-sales: This customer knows that we are a professional manufacturer of printing presses on Alibaba. Therefore, we sent a one-day inquiry at night to explain that we will fly from Bangkok Airport to Shanghai Pudong Airport in the afternoon and hope to visit our factory. I left the phone and email but did not inform the flight number and the specific pick-up time. We found on the Internet that the flight from Bangkok to Pudong was around 4:30 p.m, so our sales and drivers arrived at the airport and received the customer on time. After the customer visit, they are very satisfied and trust in our production process. After the exchange, we found that our printing machine 308N can meet all the printing needs of customers, so we prepared the quotation and parameters and drawings of LX308N printing machine that night. On the third day, the customer signed the contract with satisfaction.

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Oman

Because this customer is under pressure from the new factory, after agreeing to the customer's qualification, we agreed to give him 15% of the last letter of credit after 120 days. In addition, because he is a new factory, we support him to help him maintain and train the operators twice a year. Other vulnerable parts are also given to the customer for free.

The customer's new factory does not know how to lay the foundation. We should send engineers to the site to guide how to reserve the ditch and make the concrete foundation.

Our engineers are very enthusiastic, even if it is not our machine, such as the customer's folder-gluer, the baler has problems, our engineers help customers solve the problem is also eager to help him solve the problem, the customer has any problems with the machine, we will give answers and solutions within 12 hours.

Some tips of the operation should be noted that our engineers printed it out to the conspicuous place of the machine!

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