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Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

May. 27, 2019

According to the customer's printed sample, analyze the actual needs of customers to achieve a principle: to help customers save money, to recommend the most suitable machine to the customer with the best quality and best price.

The logo of the sample is very precision, customer want use RED, Yellow, Black and Green four colors, the anilox roller LPI400, after we study, among them, there are more large-scale field printing, and the anilox roller is recommended to be LPI220 and LPI250. The amount of ink transferred by the character is required to be matched with a scraper to help achieve the color-grading and leveling.

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

Since most of the customer's orders are die-cut boxes, we recommend customers rotary die-cutting with vibration stripping and shredder fans to help clean and collect waste paper, realize the cleanliness of the workshop labor costs.

Our 608CN vacuum adsorption press is more suitable for printing customer sample

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

Advantages of LX-608CN Full Computerized High Speed Flexo Printer Slotter & Die Cutter Machine(Vacuum suction conveyor for printer) 

Customer use LX608CN to make shoes and drinking boxes and trays, orders very big and box with vivid colorful pictures for Advertising value.

Size & Structure in Cyprus: 

1 x lead edge feeder + 4 x printer vacuum suction for printing unit + 1 x slotter + 1 x die cutter + 1x vibration & waste conveyor + 1 x stacker. 

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

Data saving, can memory 9999 pcs orders. change orders fast.

Quick order setup. When you change to the other order, you just input the specification of the carton on the touch screen, the machine will adjust itself to the right position and then start production. It's very convenient and save a lot of time.

Carton Flexo Printer Case In Cyprus

Servo control lead edge feeder: have our own patent, servo motor quick react, precise positioning, very stable and durable.

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