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Better Carton Better Machine, what a slogan brings to us?

Apr. 28, 2019

Better machine better carton, what it brings to GIGA LX?

Views: 1,026 Writer: Woods Gao Post date: 2019-04-05 15:20:09

I am Woods Gao.

I am from a small county town in Xinjiang, China. It is one of the thousands of people working in the north of China. From work to entrepreneurship, I have been keeping running the business of carton machinery for 25 years.

It occurred to me that in the corrugated carton industry, it is too hard for a green hand to know it well.

In fact, making a carton machine is a conscience.

Currently, although the carton machine industry is still in “Bad money drives out good”, it is difficult for customers to distinguish the quality of the carton machinery, we have to face the vicious competition of merchants and the low price, but we still insist that the good machines, produce good carton boxes.

Because I firmly believe that only good machine can satisfy my customers and my own conscience, so that I can continue my career, keep it rolling.

【GIGA LX】Better Machine Better Carton!

Better Carton Better Machine, what a slogan brings to us

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