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  • LX-AC Automatic Correcting Device

LX-AC Automatic Correcting Device

The advantages of automatic deviation correction are
Product Description:

The advantages of automatic deviation correction are:

1, do not touch the edge of a single tile paper, will not damage the edge of the paper. If the paper edge damage, will make the edge of the poor glue, heating enough, not very good fit, so that it can not do small trimming.

2, do not contact the edge of the single tile paper, will reduce the frequency of the bridge cut paper, a cut paper loss to nearly 2,000 yuan.

3, continuous work, even if the paper door width changes, but also in the work, so there is no waste of uneven.When using the suction baffle to change the door width, the first customer to slow down, the second alignment needs time, waste will be some, skilled operators to align at least 10 meters away, if 30 times a day to change the door width will make 300 meters of waste, plus change the door width, easy to break the paper, the loss will be more


4, do not slow down to change the door amplitude, will improve the tile line work efficiency, improve the average speed.

5, single tile paper and tissue paper on the time, single tile paper corrugated paste to the hot plate, the need to stop cleaning.

6, the use of the suction baffle, the door amplitude must be changed from large to small, from small to large, the need to stop, and the use of automatic correction

When, convenient from big to small, or change from small to gate width.

Automatic deviation correction is used together with automatic tension to provide stable bridge tension.The tension system is a closed-loop constant tension system, which means that the tension of single tile paper at the exit of the flyover will not be affected by the length of the bridge, the amount of paper piled on the flyover and the speed of the vehicle.Only stable bridge tension, to produce a stable quality of cardboard, reduce cardboard bending.As we all know, the cardboard running direction of the bending, is caused by tension.

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