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  • LX-608CN Full Computerized High Speed Flexo Printing Slotting & Die Cutting Machine(Vacuum Suction Conveyer for Printer)

LX-608CN Full Computerized High Speed Flexo Printing Slotting & Die Cutting Machine(Vacuum Suction Conveyer for Printer)

Vacuum suction transport, Whole Ceramic Roller
Product Description:

1. Vacuum suction transport, Whole Ceramic Roller

2. With automatic return to the origin and memory reset functions

3. Transmission structure with double oil pump circulating lubrication

4. Optional independent scoring unit

Feeding Unit

Servo control lead edge feeder, servo motor-quick react, precision positioning system stability and durability.

Electrical camshaft supersedes mechanical style.

Synchronous belt un-interval links feeding shaft with servo motor shaft, to improve feeding precision alignment.

Half-wheel, quick replacing surface of feeding wheel.

Working speed and quantity digital display. Synchronous working of automatic feeding and anilox roller to reduce waste;Equipped with dust suck removing device to improve printing quality.

Feeding Unit

Printing Unit

1. Vacuum suction of printing department, can realize carton inside and outside printing 7colors;

2. Including ceramic anilox rolle;

3. 7 colors printing available;

4. Chamber Doctor Blade system Optional;

Printing Unit

Slotting Unit

Scorer wheel gap, turbo box electric adjustable, graduated disc display adjust range -mm. Alloy tool steel with heat treatment, grinded slot teeth, good hardness and toughness. Scorer wheel, guide wheel, slot knife seat synchronous transverse displacement, PLC touch screen and electric button dual control. Planet gear structure, absolute value plate positioning, auto zero.

Slotting Unit

Die Cutting Unit

(1) Mould roller and anvil roller can be driven individually by servo motor control(for optional);

(2) less the vibration for printing machine, Improve die cutting accuracy to +/-1.5mm;

Die Cutting Unit

● Technical Parameters

Specification 1800/2000*1000 25000*1200/16002800*1200/16003200*1600
Max speed(Pcs/min)300300250/180180
Max feeding size(mm)1800/2200*9702500*1170/15702800*1170/15703200*1570
Min feeding size(mm)650*320650*350/450650*350/450650*450
Skip feeder size(mm)1800/2000*12002500*1400/18002800*1400/18003200*1800
Feeding Depth(mm)2~102~102~102~10
Max printing size(mm)1750/2150*9202450*1120/15202800*1120/15203150*1520
Print plate depth (mm)
Min slotter interval (mm)Positive cut (mm)120*120*120*120140*140*140*140140*140*140*140140*140*140*140
Reverse cut (mm)200*80*200*80200*80*200*80240*80*240*80240*80*240*80
Max die cutter size(mm)1700/2100*9202400*1120/15202700*1120/15203100*1520
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