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  • LX-308N Automatic Cardboard PP Board Flexo Printing with Slotting and Die Cutting Machine

LX-308N Automatic Cardboard PP Board Flexo Printing with Slotting and Die Cutting Machine

With NEW NC Adjusting System,Servo Mortor Control
Product Description:


1. With NEW NC Adjusting System for Die Cutter

Quickly set up

2. Memory order 9999 pieces

3. 10 years warranty for main transmission driver gear

1. Feeding Unit

Feeding Unit

(1). Must high accurate feeding paper, ensure high printing accuracy;

(2). Adopt servo motor to control feeding shaft independently, feeding precision:±1mm;

(3). Continuous or skip feeding, suitable for large-size corrugated cardboard printing request;

2. Printing Unit

Printing Unit

(1). Flexo plate mechanism:One-click hanging board positioning, screen operation;

(2). The axial movement of the printing plate roller is ±10mm;

(3). The ink filter, filter the impurities, make better printing effect;

3. Slotting Unit

Slotting Unit

(1). Slotter uint phase adjustment mechanism, planetary gear construction;

(2). Supporting lightweight material punching device;

4. Die Cutting Unit

Die Cutting Unit

(1). Mould roller and anvil roller can be driven individually by servo motor control(for optional);

(2). less the vibration for printing machine, Improve die cutting accuracy to +/-1.5mm;

5. Stacking Unit

Stacking Unit

(1). Automatic & manual two operation models; paper receiving length adjustable;

(2). Equipped with anti-falling heavy block to ensure safety;

(3). Wrinkle belt to prevent cardboard from slipping when running at high speed;

· Technical Parameters

Specification1800/2000 *800 1800/2200 *1000 2500*1200/1400/1600 2800*1200/1400/1600 3200*1600
Max speed (pcs/min)280240200/170/150200/170/150150
Max feeding size(mm)1800/2000*7701800/2200*9702500*1170/1370/15702800*1170/1370/15703200*1570
Min feeding size (mm)650*250650*270650*330/350/400650*330/350/400650*400
Skip feeding size(mm)1800/2000*10001800/2200*12002500*1170/1370/18002800*1400/1600/18003200*1800
Feeding Depth(mm)2~102~102~102~102~10
Max printing size (mm)1750/1950*7201750/2150*9202450*1120/1320/15202750*1120/1320/15203150*1520
Print plate depth (mm)
Min slotter interval(mm)120*120*120*120120*120*120*120140*140*140*140140*140*140*140140*140*140*140
(mm)Positive cut
Min slotter interval(mm)200*80*200*80200*80*200*80240*80*240*80240*80*240*80240*80*240*80
(mm)Reverse cut
Max die cutter size (mm)1700/1900*7201700/2100*9202400*1120/1320/15202700*1120/1320/15203100*1520
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