GIAG LX Pay 7,000 US dollars to provide our client one-on-one project feasibility consulting service
GIAG LX Pay 7,000 US dollars to provide our client one-on-one project feasibility consulting service
May 27, 2019



Today, writing a case,  when the customer did not show us a clear intention, GIGA LX devote a budget of 7,000 US dollars to provide one-on-one project feasibility consulting service. Suski, a customer based in Kano, Nigeria, found us online and asked for a carton printing machine with a size of 2200x1000mm, a high speed of 200m/min, and four-color printing, mainly providing packaging carton for the agricultural products company, such as fruits/vegetables/food, etc. Since the customer is just starting to do the carton business, the production manager does not have so much experience, and many specific parameters cannot be sent to us in time. The situation becomes a little bit complicated.



Assist customers in engineering planning

It is imperative to assist customers in planning their projects. I have sent people to the factory to investigate, get the first-hand field data and immediately do the design plan, design drawings, and budget report. The production manager of the Suski factory was frightened and could hear their surprising.

After our engineers came back, they reported to us about the exchange with Suski. Nigeria is an emerging economic power in Africa. This is an important station for us to enter the African market. I immediately informed the manager of the engineering department Tang in the field to return to Shanghai. The next day, I discussed the plan with Manager Tang. Feasibility made some adjustments.



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System Requirements Analysis

Suski production manager is quite satisfied, why do we say it, because, in the preliminary investigation of the project, there have been a number of printing machinery manufacturers who have followed up Suski for half a year, but did not have a specific survey site, and did not get first-hand data. The feedback did not meet the actual situation of the Suski factory and was abandoned by Suski, but it also let the boss think that the Chinese company could not achieve the effect they wanted.

What Suski needs is a machine that is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and efficient. The solution made by GIGA LX is highly targeted, detailed and reliable, and can completely eliminate his doubts.


Suski executives are very much in favor of our plan. We also think that we are thinking about them everywhere. It is not like other engineering companies. We only know that the higher the cost, the better.


The final plan was confirmed. They said that if the project is done well, they recommend our company to help his friends to build the entire plant of the corrugated box printing plant. After listening to them, my heart is warm.


Suski's project has now been completed, of course, to achieve our expected results, and we are very happy.


In the end, of course, it is still the same sentence: In this world, money is always over there.  Our team still adheres to the consistent "Better machine Better carton" business philosophy. We clearly know that the cost of integrity and trustworthiness in the corrugated box industry is very high, but no matter what we will face in the future, we still insist on it.



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