Project Description

GIGA LX-707N Servo Control Vacuum Suction Automatic  Flexo Printing (&Die Cutting)Machine

Whatapp (weichat):  +86-13801968812

Main Functions

1. The machine adopts computer centralized control and Japan servo driver;
2. Each unit equipped with man-machine interface, convenient operation, accurate adjustment, can realize intelligent auto

zero directly after input completed, without the need of one-way auto zero after host located, and locating after the cutter

and baffle return to the origin, which improves the efficiency.
3. Storage: when the products data has been correctly processed and it can be automatically saved for use next time; it

will adjust automatically when used next time, to save time
4. Individual data adjust and auto run to save time and to ease operation when order function not needed
5. Breakdown display:From the breakdown displayed, find out cause behind.
6. Original data fix:when original data being lost after maintenance, the user can fix it from the interface – easy and time saving.
7. Auto zero:After plate cleaning or changing, it will return to the former position automatically
8. Controllable anilox up and down when one of the print units temporarily stop working, save from cleaning the ink roller.
9. Trimming time and frequency can be set at will.
10. Main interface shows speed, feeding, skip, click run forward and backward.
11. Displays total order quantity, produced quantity, stop feeding upon order quantity finished, and anilox roller released automatically.
12. Order presetting: Input all carton parameters into computer screen according the requirement of orders;
13. Displays the position of feeding plate and have alert function when exceeds the limits.
14. Displays overload and stop run automatically upon any accident.
15. 3 years software free upgrade, if any.
16. Auto zero for feeder, printer, die cutter.

Specification 1800*1000 2000*1000 1800*1200
Max.machine 240 220 200
Speed ( pcs/min)
Max,feeding size(mm) 1800*1000 2200*1000 1800*1200
Skip feeding size(mm) 1800*1200 2200*1200 1800*1400
Min.feeding size(mm) 650*400 650*400 650*400
Max.printing size(mm) 1750*930 2150*930 1750*1160
Thickness of stand flexo printing plate(mm) Free setting Free setting Free setting
Max. die cut area (mm) 1700*930 2100*930 1700*1150

Product Description

GIGA LX 707N Cardboard Carton Box Flexo Inkjet Printing Machine With Chamber Doctor Blade System