Project Description

corrugated cardboard production line Box Making Machine

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       LXC-1500H Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

Control type: whole hydraulic type Characteristic

*   Symmetry structure could install two bundles real paper at the same time, and change the paper without any stop.

*   Adopt hydraulic drive that could make the real paper lift-lower, clamp and release and move.

*   Adopt pneumatic strain to adjust the real paper.

*   Expanding clips design.

*   Tension control by pneumatic brake system, manual controlled and also can be controlled by splicer.

LX-1100 Multiple Pre-heater

(Model:600/900/1000/1100 S/D/T/Q)

The maximum paper width: 2500MM.

*  Pass the national pressure vessel inspection, and get a safe certification about national pressure vessel security;

*  One is fixed, another one free to move, both of them are steel products.

*  Warm-range adjustment adopts electric control.

*  Power motor 1/2HP gear with a turbine and a drive arm with gear transmission.

*  The preheated rollers are electrically rotating, with reducing motor and single ball bearing can set idle running with stable speed.

  LXC-280S Single Facer

Design speed:

120m/min (Steam Heating System)

80m/min(Electric Heating System)

Available width: 1400,1600,1800mm

LXC-1B/2B Single/Double Decks Feeding Bridge

Available width: 1400 – 2500 mm

*    Adopt suction tension and its adjusting device, assure the sticking and stable paperboard pass by of the heating plate

*    Motorized alignment adjustment, easy and swift

*    Two set of operation panels, make easy adjustment up or down the bridge

*    Synchronous motor driving, with high and low speed stacking device, to transport and stack the corrugated paperboard.

  LXC-288D Glue Machine(Spring Press Board is for option)

Working width:1400-2200mm

*  Design speed: 180mm/min

*  The surface of glue roller was treated by texture embossing and chrome plated;

*  The surface of scarping glue roller is grinding treatment, the pressure roller is chrome plated.

*  Glue roller diameter:288mm

*  Automatic recycle gluing to avoid glue dry

*  With pre-heater device to faster glue melting.

 LXC-636E Steam-heating & Press-cooling System
LXC-636E-D Driving RollerSpecification:
Available width:1400-1800mm
Design speed:120m/min
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
LXC-150P Slitter Scorer With Thin Blade

Technical Parameter

*   Design speed:150m/min

*   4 blades 6 scores   or 5 blades 8 scores;

*   the whole machine can move left-right ±90mm

*   Voltage:380V   50Hz


*   Frequency conversion timing can automatically follow production speed, keep in-phase

*   In the process of producing, auto- grinding edge system can be still working no need stop, and can set the interval meter and the grinding time at any time according to the material and condition of hem.

*   1.3mm high quality blade slits cardboard in high speed, slitting line is smooth, beautiful,unchanged shape, and good for printing.

LXC-150 NC Cutoff with Rotary Blade(188)

Designed speed: 180m/min;

Width: 1400-2200mm;

Special design, high strength of wallboard and base, on the both wallboard there are window for watching and maintain.

Oil pump self-circulating lubrication for high transmission precision;

High precision, high hardness gear, resistance high speed, long service life, for high precision meshing, and cardboard smooth and without deckle edge.

High precision knife shaft and rest, cutting stable under high speed.