Thailand 5 Layers Carton Box Making Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand And Pre-heater And Single Facer
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  • Features of cassette single facer machine

LXC-1500H Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

*   Symmetry structure could install two bundles real paper at the same time, and change the  paper without any stop.

*   Hydraulic drive, can complete the original paper lifting, clamping, loosening, moving in pairs

*   Adopt pneumatic strain to adjust the real paper.

LXC-900 Pre-heater

*Each roller surface by precision grinding chrome plating treatment, smooth, durable.

*Electric adjustment Package angle, can adjust the paper preheating area within the 60--270 degree range.

*Professional manufacture of preheating rollers in line with national Pressure vessel safety standards.

LXC-320S Single Facer

*Available working width: 1400-2200mm.

*Design speed: 180m/min.

*Paper delivering by suction blower, to keed good flute under high speed working.

*Groove’s width of lower corrugating rollers not more than 2.5mm, reduce the stripe’s impress on single side corrugated cardboard.

*Universal joint transmission of driving unit, separated driving case structure, reduce the shaking.

*Oil-immersed and closed reduction gear boxreduce the shaking of machine.

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