LXC-320S Casstte Quick Replacing Single Facer for Carton Box Making Machine
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  • Features of cassette single facer machine
  • Width of feeding cardboard: 1400-2200mm;
  • Design speed: 180m/min
  • To prevent glue from drying up- -the gluing section keep on running while the main motor stopped, which is drived by motor;
  • Groove’s width of lower corrugating rollers not more than 2.5mm, reduce the stripe’s impress on single side corrugated cardboard;
  • Reduce 20% of the shaking- -universal joint transmission of driving unit, separated driving case structure;
  • Oil-immersed and closed reduction gear box,reduce the shaking of machine;
  • With auto and circle glue delivering, pneumatic coating get buffering effect;
  • Paper delivering by suction blower, to keed good flute under high speed working;
  • Gluing area adjusted by motor, the gluing section keep on running while the main motor stopped, to prevent glue from drying up;
  • Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC56-60, the surface are grinded and plated chrome;
  • Glue roller surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated;
  • Glue unit indepent drive, pump-draw style, easy maintain and clean.
  • Apply Flute: A flute height 4.7mm, C flute height 3.75mm, B flute height 2.75mm, E flute height 1.8mm or 1.5mm (the flute profiles can be made according to client ’s requirements)
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