GIGA LXFMZ Automatic Laminating Machine
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Automatic Flute Laminating Machine, Lamination machine main features:

  • Turnup bridge plate is convenient for cleaning, discontinuous water-circulating system ensures washing clean.

  • Automatic feeding for bottom sheet, manual feeding for top sheet (feding from side for top sheet is optional).
  • Flexible front register, bottom sheet is not exceeding the top sheet, and its adjustable for the front-and-rear lamination between bottom sheet and top sheet.

  • Bottom sheet can be paperboard more than 300gsm, A/C/B/E corrugated cardboard.

  • Movable lengthened pressing section is optional for corrugated board thicker than B flute, and its lenth is more than 800mm

  • Optional: PLC integrated program module control.
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