GIGA LX 608C Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine Flexo Printing Machine Price Flex Printer
GIGA LX 608C Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine Flexo Printing Machine Price Flex Printer

1.Carton printing machine keep the functions of intelligence zero returning, memory reset and automatic order formation, 9999 order memory.

2.Dual system of touch screen man-machine interaction and manual electrical control.

3.The complete set of machine is operated computerized upon the designing principle of man-machine integration. It can do the job of setting, correction, execution, change and memory, etc. on the touch screen with precise data display in the shortest time.

Transmission gears are made of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi.

4.The Rockwell hardness of the gears can get to 60 degree and more after the process of carburization quench and fine grinding.

5.All rolls and shafts are chrome plated to enhance the hardness.

Apply the joining with non-keypiece so as to decrease the connection gap and keep long term register accuracy.

6.Synchronous belt un-interval links feeding shaft with servo motor shaft, to improve feeding precision alignment; Half-wheel, quick replacing structure, to keep consistency of feeding position, and to avoid uneven wearing on the surface of feeding wheel;

7.Pressure-free stretching feeding mechanism is the option;

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1. Carton box making machine pre-scoring wheel: the sheet by pre-scored is no crush.

2. Manual adjustment on the gap between scoring wheels within the range of 0-12mm.

3. Upper scoring wheel coated by polyurethane avoid of crush on the sheet.

4. Transverse movement of scoring wheel, doctor wheel and slotting head controlled polyfunctionally by PLC, touch screen and electromotive button.

5. The slotting knives are made of alloy tool steel by heat treatment and teeth finely ground. The width is 7mm. Bi-plate trimming knives with sharp teeth and endurable.

6. Slotting phase adjustment by PLC, touch screen conrol and motorized digital 360 degree in dynamic and static condition. Order can be preset.

We provide loan to below business situation

1. The value of order over RMB 1 million (including 1 million).

2. Only for Automatic corrugated box machine
LX-308N, LX-608CN or corrugated machine production line include LXC-180NN, LXC-220H1.8N models.

3. We accept O/A (Open account), it based on the credit level of buyer's bank credit report.

4. The details please consult with our sales department.

5. Carton Machinery and boxing making machine are in good quality.

6.  Corton Box Making Machine Price is also very good.

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