LX-FGO Offset Automatic Folding and Gluing Machine
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  • Description
  • Servo control: servo motors-Mitsubishi, fast and accurate
  • Intelligent correction system: avoid scissor like shape
  • HMI(Color LCD touch screens): enter necessary data, one- key positioning, fast changing,remote control
  • Testing & tracking device: Intelligent monitoring,automatically stops feeding when a paper jam occurs
  • Paste system: Peristaltic cyclical suction pump, reduce paste waste, Glue type adopts wheel, esay to clean (Optional item: VALCO spray glue system automatic)
  • Gap adjustment device: delivery different thickness papers
  • New Folding belt system: 45 degree folding,achieve accurate folding at line, gap can be adjusted slightly.
  • Long Suction-type main belt avoid the paperboard distorted, two folding belts on both size independently control the speed
  • Counting and release department: high-speed, steadily, smoothly stick paperboards.
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