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Assisting disaster areas to bear social responsibility

As for Gao Wen, the aim of starting a business is not only to maximize personal value, but also to be able to work with the community Will make a contribution. The " 5.12" Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, has lived the hearts of many people. Gao Wen was in China at the time However, he [...]

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Corrugated board warpingon corrugated cardboard production line

  In the production of corrugated paperboard, changes in the moisture content of the base paper, improper operation, and environmental changes may cause unevenness in the production of paperboard, which is called warpage. 7.1 The main cause of warpage on corrugated cardboard production lineĀ and its influencing factors The most fundamental reason for the warpage of [...]

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Improve corrugated cardboard gluing

Improve corrugated cardboard gluing: At present, there are many companies in China that have the problem of poor efficiency in producing four-layer paperboard, which is mainly manifested in poor adhesion, which results in the inability to increase the speed, and it can only be opened slowly enough to achieve cohesion. corrugated cardboard production line 8.1. [...]

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