As for Gao Wen, the aim of starting a business is not only to maximize personal value, but also to be able to work with the community
Will make a contribution. The ” 5.12″ Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, has lived the hearts of many people. Gao Wen was in China at the time
However, he always cares about the people in the disaster area and watches TV every day to watch the disaster. After returning home on the 19th, I didn’t manage to get off the plane Eat, immediately took part in the donation activities organized by Xinjiang Chamber of Commerce. Immediately after the call of the competent department manager to discuss Contributions. After deliberation, they reached a consensus that although the donation of cash was simple and direct, it could not reach the disaster in the first place. The people in the two disaster areas urgently need effective relief, among which the injuries are serious and those who have undergone amputation are in urgent need. Wheelchair. The wheelchair produced by Liuxiang Company in cooperation with Shanghai Medical Device Wheelchair Equipment Factory is of high quality and is a brand Products, special products for export. Therefore, the company immediately contacted Shanghai Hope Engineering Office and expressed its willingness to do so In the name of the Xinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, a special group of wheelchairs were donated to the disaster area. The company and wheelchair manufacturers jointly donated 1100 vehicles Wheelchairs, worth nearly 800,000 yuan, were specially reported by Youth Daily. Member of Xinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai Gao Wenzhong showed a strong sense of social responsibility in his donation activities. ” To be able to do a little social responsibility is for everyone What should be done, ” Gao Wen said flatly. He also stressed in particular that the Xinjiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai was making donations to this event China has made many contributions, ” as a businessman in Xinjiang, it is proper to give back to the society. ”

Gao Wen not only said so, but also did so. He was eager to help his friends and the people around him. Friends are in trouble, give generously and never ask for anything in return. ” Helping others can bring happiness to the heart,” he said There is no grandiloquence, but it reflects the nobility of the soul. Huayu, though ordinary, does show apart from the charm of personality.

His understanding of enterprise development has been put on the social level. He said it is not necessarily based on making enterprises stronger and bigger.As long as the enterprise can develop steadily, it is the greatest contribution to the society. If all enterprises in the country can develop steadily,
The social economy will tend to be stable, which is the greatest contribution to society. Although the words are simple. It does contain profound implications Truth. By contrast, those businessmen who simply chase profits are small.